Navyard Regeneration Proposal

We have just completed our most successful year since our inception as a practice 21 years ago, and in celebration we would like to share with you some images from a unique project we are currently involved with in Harwich, Essex.

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At Navyard we are promoting the re-development of an existing 10 acre container port into a new mixed-use development that will help regenerate the beautiful, but disconnected Old Town. Our scheme takes the form of a new extension to the town, comprising 320 dwellings; a small selection of Cafes, and flexible new public open space that can cater for a mix of events including farmers markets and local theatre. We are publicising the development through a two-day exhibition in the town that commences on Friday this week, seeking local opinion on the proposals.

Green Street

Green Street

Gaunt Francis Project Architect, Miranda Dettwyler, expressed: “The proposal for this site is to create an addition to the town of Harwich, taking the grain and density of the existing place, but populating these new streets with a modern terrace architecture, focusing on high-quality public space and maximising views to the sea.

“This is a sympathetic use for the site that would create a series of new and important public places in Harwich, while also greatly improving current flood defences”.

Northern Promenade

Northern Promenade

Mann Lines, who currently operate from the site, will be re-locating their business locally should the proposals of the site be approved by the council.

Bill Binks, CEO of Mann Lines said: “Navyard has served us well for over 50 years but with the nature of the shipping business ever changing it’s time to re-locate locally to enable us to build a stronger business in the future. The regeneration of the Navyard site is both an exciting and important opportunity for Harwich. With our close association to the town over many decades the views of the community are important to us in helping to shape the future plans for Navyard.”

Click here to watch a short fly-through animation of the proposed regeneration.


  1. This is a really good idea, and as a 13 year old citizen in Harwich and Dovercourt who loves highrises, this is a melody to my eyes, hope this gets approved.


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